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      1. Email: liushuang@gaoxitech.com Whatsapp: +8613738021015
        Corporate Philosophy
        • Company vision
          Monolayer Graphene For Better World
        • Market?principle
          Win-win cooperation, complete sincerity,cooperation?with?the?result?that?far
        • Core values
          Striving, discovering, inventing, developing
        • Business?philosophy
          Struggle oriented, common prosperity
        • R & D concept
          First Best Most
        • Talent concept
          The sea embraces all rivers and the people make the best use of their talents
        Learning And Training
        高烯 高烯
        Staff learning and training is an important part and key function of organizational human resource management and development. At the same time, it is also the best means for our company to create a learning enterprise. The training courses include special skill training, general ability training, management training, amateur knowledge, etc., with a total of more than 10 courses developed. Provide good external training resources in combination with enterprise development and personal growth needs.
        Learning, as the company's corporate culture, is rooted in the hearts of every Gaoxi people. We are all young people. We are willing to study and struggle together, write without regretting our youth and create Gaoxi miracle!

        Gaoxi Quotations
        Gaoxi Quotations
        In order to make the graphene for better world, there are five stages: firstly is struggle, emphasizes execution; secondly is tenacity, donot bow to difficulties; thirdly is climbing,enjoy the passion of starting a business; fourthy is team work, encourage each other and overcome difficulties together; lastly is to achieve the vision: graphene for better world.
        ——Shared in "Graphene for Better World" , 21st May Y2019, by Professor Gao
        In the struggle, you will not lose anything, but can gain energy and ability. This will light up your way.
        ——Shared in "Footprints deep, Clear way ahead" , 9th May Y2019, by Professor Gao
        If working is a pleasure, life is heaven.
        ——by Xingwang Li
        In the hot summer, the striver and sweat coexist, seizing the output of 10 tons for Gaoxi Tech.
        ——by Liping Zhang
        Salesman is the most respectable of all professions. Why? Because only through salesmen introduce the product to the market and customers its value can be reflected. Through the link of sales promotion, salesmen realize their own life value, and the company's products also realize value, from products to commodities. Customers who get our products, especially high value-added products, can also share the value of products.
        ——Shared in "Deliver value, to be Hermes in graphene industry" , 16th May Y2019, by Professor Gao